OAAS 175th Anniversary

A glimpse into the past provides a great deal of insight into the present. The OAAS is 175 years old this year!
Glancing at our history emphasizes the reality of the transformative change that has taken place for the Provincial body of the Agricultural Societies in Ontario and what is yet to come.  


 This is the official members' website for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.  The OAAS is the provincial association representing over 200 Agricultural Societies from across the province.  Its mission is a resource for its Members, by providing leadership through communication and education and encouraging the promotion of a rural way of life in Ontario.


1937 - 39 Mrs. Ethel Brant Monture, Oshweken
1940 - 41 Mrs. J.K. Kelly, Almonte
1942 Miss Lillian Rutherford, Bolton
1943 Mrs. W.E. Palmer, Wainfleet
1944 Mrs. W.C. Hucle, Bracebridge
1945 Mrs. O.W. Rolph, Orono
1946 Mrs. H. Dicenson, Mt. Hope
1947 Mrs. Wm. Beattie, Staples
1948 Mrs. A. McKinney, Brampton
1949 Mrs. F. Henderson, Napanee
1950 Miss Ina Hodgins, Carp
1951 Mrs. W. Hume, Campbellford
1952 Mrs. N. Hyslop, Caledonia
1953 Mrs. Dave McPherson, Dutton
1954 Mrs. A.D. Koehler, Hurham
1955 Mrs. Milton Fisher, Emo
1956 Mrs. G. Ironside, Georgetown
1957 Miss Ella Hamilton, Russell
1958 Mrs. Wm. Dawson, Tillsonburg
1959 Mrs. Alvin Stone, Dunchurch
1960 Mrs. Murray Young, Cochrane
1961 Mrs. H.A. Telfer, Paris
1962 Mrs. F. Spearing, Stayner
1963 Mrs. O. Bell, Binbrook
1964 Mrs. Jos. Grummet, Seaforth
1965 Mrs. J.H. Leslie, Peterborough
1966 Mrs. L. Topham, Woodstock
1967 Mrs. F. McBean, Mooretown
1968 Mrs. J. Black, Chesley
1969 Mrs. A.R. Wilson, Markham
1970 Mrs. G. McLaren, Thunder Bay
1971 Mrs. C. Ryder, Aylmer
1972 Mrs. R. Gibson, Gorrie
1973 Mrs. A.J. Edwards, Englehart
1974 Mrs. G. Garlow, Oshweken

1975 Mrs. R. Hamilton, Trenton
1976 Mrs. E. Inch, Bruce Mines
1977 Mrs. S. Rathwell, Navan
1978 Mrs. N. Baker, Alberton
1979 Mrs. J. Reaney, Mitchell
1980 Mrs. Ruby Christie, Port Perry
1981 Mrs. Lois Hunter, Smith Falls
1982 Mrs. Maxinne Gray, Wyoming
1983 Mrs. Lois Leitch, Shelburne
1984 Mrs. Shirley McKerrall, Dresden
1985 Mrs. N. Thompson, Campbellford
1986 Betty Lester, Lindsay
1987 Dolores Shapton, Exeter
1988 Jeannette Jamieson, Cambridge
1989 Colleen Anderson, Sundrige
1990 Ruth Broks, Jerseyville
1991 Alieda Murray, Clifford
1992 Roberta Lane, Thunder Bay
1993 Colleen Anderson, Sundridge
1994 Beatrice Timlin, Roseneath
1995 Eleanor Drummond, Smiths Falls
1996 Moree Thomas, Smithville
1997 Joan Edwards, Ilderton
1998 Sylvia Parr, Ancaster
1999 Gail Argue, Carp
2000 Bev Fry, Ripley
2001 Eileen Brown, Orton
2002 Iva Nagy, Rockton
2003 Shelley Jones, Meaford
2004 Mary Fisher, Metcalfe
2005 Sheila McLaughlin, Prince Edward
2006 Marg Clark, Dunnville
2007 Pat Marcotte, Wahnapite
2008 Janette Mulholland, Leamington
2009 Joanne Miller, Arran-Tara